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'Sip & Sip' tasting experience FAQ's

How much is a 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience?
Each tasting experience costs £25 per person with space for 6 people per class.

What do you get in the overall price of a single 'Sit & Sip' Tasting Experience?

Each class attendee will get a welcome G+T on arrival followed by a brief history of the distillery and an outline of the how the tasting experience will go. Guests then get to try the four main gin flavours followed by trying two different flavoured gins of their own choice from a list of over 20 different unique gin flavours made in the micro distillery.


How do I book a 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience?

Unfortunately we don't have a live calendar booking system for our 'Sit & Sip' tastings, instead if you would be interested in attending one of these tastings please email us at with your chosen date, time and numbers of attendees for a visit. Once a date and time has been agreed we will email out a link for payment and confirmation of your booking with directions to the distillery. We will do our utmost to provide a class for you as 'Sit & Sip' tastings are subject to availability.

What shall I do if I don’t receive a booking confirmation by email? 
If you do not receive a booking confirmation, please email

How many places are there at a 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience?
There are six spaces available at a 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience.

I will be bringing my partner along for the day but they aren't taking part in the 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience, is there anywhere they can wait?

The 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience classes can be very busy but the bar upstairs where the School is located is open from 12pm Monday to Saturday and 12.30pm on Sundays with lots of space, drinks and excellent food selections for your partner to wait while you complete your Gin School Experience.

How long is a 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience? 
A 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience is no more than three hours long.

Are there any restrictions?
You must be over 18 to participate in the experience and we always practice responsible drinking.

Can I take photos during my 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience?
Yes, you can take photographs during your tasting.

Where do I go for my 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience
The distillery is located in a private basement room in 'The Cumberland Bar Edinburgh'. To access the room please head for the back of the bar and take a left for the stairs leading down to the basement 'gin school room'. Bar staff can also point you in the right direction and you will also be notified of the location for the 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience on your confirmation email.

Is the room used for the 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience accessible?
Unfortunately due to the building we use for the 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience, we have no wheelchair access.

Where is the nearest train station? 
The nearest train station is Waverly Station which is approx 15 mins walk away.

Can I reschedule my booking for a 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience?
If you need to reschedule your 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience, please contact us as soon as possible and no later than 7 days prior to your booking by emailing  
We will do our best to reschedule your booking although we may not always have the availability for your preferred date.

Can I cancel my booking for a refund at any point?
If you would like to cancel your booking and request a refund then please do so by emailing Please note that we require a minimum of 7 days notice and that bookings cancelled within 7 days or bookings paid for by a Gift Voucher are non-refundable.

Is it possible to arrange a private 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience?
If you would like to find out more about booking a private 'Sit & Sip' tasting experience, then please contact us by emailing 

I have a question that’s not listed here, how can I get in touch? 
Please email your question to 

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