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Blend your own bottle of gin

Another one of our unique drinks experiences available in the form of a 'Gin Blending Class'. This class is seen as the foundation level of both our 'make your own bottle of gin' classes at Sip Antics. This fun class teaches guests in more depth the different flavours and blends of different botanicals used to make gin all around the world.

All guests are welcomed to the school with a G+T on arrival followed by a brief history of the distillery and what the session will entail. Guests then get to blind taste 5 different flavoured spirits that go into most gins to help them build a recipe for their own bottle to takeaway. Guests also smell botanical blends from over 25 different single botanical flavours to help them complete a gin recipe to their taste. Each guest then makes up a small mini version of their chosen recipe to taste and if satisfied they will then start making a 300ml bottle of their recipe to take away with them. Once their spirit is bottled, guests then label and name their gin. Finally, all guests get to make their own gin martini with some of their leftover gin and enjoy at the end of the class.

Description of what all guests receive in a class:

  1. G+T on arrival

  2. 5 x Spirit samples to taste

  3. Mini G+T of their own gin blend creation to taste

  4. 300ml bottle of their gin blend to take home

  5. Gin martini using their gin creation to finish the class



Cost of Gin Blending Experience


              Single gin blending experience @ £50 per person

Each class lasts approx 2 hours and we have a maximum space for 4 people (we must respect the social distancing acts set by the government). For this blending class, each space is reserved for individuals, unfortunately due to space and logistics we cannot allow attendees to bring non-participating guests. This blending class is usually running on Wednesday – Fridays with the odd Saturday class when we have interest. We add new dates every three months, so check back if no available dates suit you or please inquire by email, for any corporate or private inquiries, please email directly to discuss availability. We also offer a "remake service" on all gin developed by anyone attending our classes to be remade and posted out to you. All "remake" orders should be emailed directly and paid for when ordering.

How To Book

Please use the form below and click on (??Blend School Experience?? Check what you stick in Acuity) to reveal a calendar of available dates, then choose a date that suits and fill in your details to pay and confirm your booking. We will then email you a booking confirmation to you with directions to the school.


Alternatively, you can buy a voucher for a gift or to book at a later date. All gift vouchers should be used to book a school class within 12 months, from date of purchase and bookings cannot be cancelled or exchanged within 7 days of the event. For any other information, please refer to FAQ's below.

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