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Virtual Gin Distilling Class

Due to recent events around the world we are now offering a virtual 'Distill your own bottle of gin class' online to participants living in the UK for now only. This fun class teaches guests in more depth the age-old concept of distilling on mini copper pot alembic stills to make a bottle of gin, albeit from the comfort of their own homes. It is open to a maximum of 2 people at any one time and they must be from the same household. Due to UK distilling laws, all distilling will take place at Sip Antics micro distillery, but guests will be able to view their gin being made through a live video feed. All drinks to be consumed during the online experience will be posted out to participants home address a few days prior to enjoy throughout the class experience and their gin bottle recipe creation will then be posted out a few days later after the class ends.

A virtual gin distilling class will run as follows, guests are given a unique link before class starts by email to click on when the class is to start at a pre agreed time and date. Guests are welcomed with a refreshing gin and tonic, with a brief introduction and outline of the session. You will then get to taste various gin profiles to help you decide on your own unique recipe before smelling a few popular botanicals provided in your delivered box. Then once you deicide on a recipe from the list of botanicals, using one of our mini copper stills your host will guide you through the whole process to create your own gin bottle recipe. While your mini still is distilling your chosen botanicals, which lasts around 20 mins, you will get to shake and enjoy a gin cocktail while you wait for the distilling process to end. You will then think of a name to call your bottle of gin while your host bottles, labels, and wax seals your bottle to post home to you.


Description of what all guests receive in a virtual class:

 Included in posted box before class starts:

  1. G+T (per person) including garnishes and mixers

  2. 4 x Gin different flavour samples to taste (per person)

  3. Four main botanical flavours (can be used for home garnished after class)

  4. Gin cocktail to enjoy while distilling takes place (per person)

  5. G+T to end the class (per person) including garnishes and mixers


Each home kit also comes with tonic water as a mixer, please feel free to use your own preferred mixer if tonic water is not your preferred taste. 


Posted out to participants address a few days later:

  1. 700ml bottle of gin from your own chosen recipe

Cost of Virtual Gin Distilling Experience

             Single virtual mini still experience @ £90 per person.


           Sharing virtual mini still experience @ £110 for two people.


How To Book

Each class lasts approx 2.5 hours and we have a maximum space for 2 participants only per class. This virtual distilling class can only be booked by email and we are quite flexible with dates and times. If you have a date and time in mind, please get in touch and we will then send you a private booking link to confirm and purchase the experience. Once purchased we will then email you a booking confirmation.


Checklist for participants to take part at home

  1. Glasses (3 per person, maybe 2x rocks or small glasses and 1x Tall glass)

  2. Ice 

  3. Water for palate cleansing

  4. Cocktail shaker (Anything for example, Water bottle, Protein Shaker, Tupperware Containers, Takeaway Coffee Mug, it needs to be able to take ice aswell)

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